Our approach is highly-individualized to each child’s needs, strengths, and interests. We take an active approach when collaborating with all of the significant individuals in a child’s life including parents, educators, therapists, and other professionals. 

We understand the importance of adapting seamlessly into all settings. Whether it’s at home, a playground, the children’s museum, or the beach, we adapt accordingly to create a supportive play environment for your child. We are be an active play partners and active supporters by way of play. Most importantly, we provide each child with the support and individualized tools to foster positive peer relationships through play.

We collaborate with you and your multi-disciplinary team which may be comprised of teachers, developmental pediatricians, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists, social skills facilitators and other professionals. We strive to support  your child’s social and emotional, cognitive and behavioral goals through play. 

Play and Explore: 
We use play to improve emerging social skills, self-regulation, communication and problem solving skills while supporting sensory needs and most importantly strengthening and supporting your child’s friendships.