Playdates L.A. was created when founder, Lindsay Henry began to collaborate with different professionals throughout the Los Angeles area. Each professional, whether a teacher, psychologist, or developmental pediatrician, recognized the value of play in a child’s development. After spending time on the playgrounds of many Los Angeles schools and in many children’s homes, Lindsay began to see that children weren’t provided with adequate opportunities to play and engage with their peers in supportive and positive environments. Lindsay became inspired to provide children with the tools that they need to improve their social and emotional skills through play. 

In launching Playdates L.A., Lindsay strives to provide children with unique opportunities to engage with their peers in a one-on-one and group settings. Each playdate is developed to take play outside of academic and therapeutic settings and into novel and fun environments. 

Playdates L.A.'s program has been developed from a developmental framework and utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach. We actively collaborate with parents, teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists, to provide playdates that positively impact a child’s development. 

Playdates L.A. supports your child through a wide range of play opportunities. We believe in using your child’s strengths and interests to facilitate play and develop friendships with their peers. We encourage and strengthen friendships through semi-structured play opportunities that are individualized and highly-adaptive.